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Tomahawk-DC Real-Time Mud Motor Failure Prediction 

AWS Cloud Architecture

Real-Time Wits 0 Integration,
Historical Data Analysis
for Specific at the Operator level. Your drilling program your model.


Artificial Intelligence

Physics based features engineered, Historical Data used with Machine Learning and Neural Networks to predict Motor Failure in Real-time.


Front-End Solution

Convenient front app to deliver Real-Time Predictions on the Rigsite and via the cloud. Mobile Compatible for anytime decision support.



Reduce Trip frequency & occurrences.

Reduce Catastrophic Failure Events.

Reduce Mud Motor Damage.



1Run is small Artificial Intelligence product development  company for the oil and gas industry. Our team has been involved in the Artificial Intelligence industry for the past 10 years and have developed a team of drilling professionals with over 20 years of drilling experience in all major basins in the United States. We believe for Artificial Intelligence to have a real impact in the industry that customized solutions for your individual drilling program need to be designed. You do things differently than your competitors and we understand and have lived the differences. Your data and your own personalized solution will give the most accurate results and provide you with the decision support you need on location and in the office in real-time; making fast confident decisions will streamline your process and save you time and help you sleep more soundly while your rig is turning to the right!!!

Well Driller

Early Adoption

Intelligent forecasting of motor failure. Early Adopters benefit more from AI applications, earlier acceptance and competitive insights.

Directional Driller Communication

Communicate to rigsite personnel to avoid failure. Make decisions about downhole tools before catastrophic failure, schedule tool trips more efficiently.

Ease of Use

Dashboard provides access and explainability of past failures and realtime events. Text message alerts for times of interest while drilling your well.

Customer Transparency

Show failures in real-time. Explainable drilling parameter reduction in real time. Insurance to make qualified decision about downhole drilling motors.

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